Here are some good sites that I think might be of interest to you:

Since summer 2006 I am official endorser for Altus Flutes, Japan.
I play Altus 1007 C-flute, an alto- and a bassflute with silver headjoints.
I am very happy about this collaboration, especially because they were so kind to build an f#-foot for me.

Mike Duchstein Saxophon-Service, Berlin
Good repairman, good second hand instruments. Nice photos for the saxophone and mouthpiece enthusiast.

David Liebman
Lieb's official home page.

To subscribe to Dave's newsletter "Intervals":

Pretty good reference for records, styles, musicians:

Allaboutjazz: Nice magazine-like platform about jazz and everything around it:

Pat Metheny Group
Interesting articles from Pat about almost everything (he can not only play his guitar):

Boston Flute association: Great links for flutists. is a very nice site about everything around the flute.

My internet - talented brother's site