Here is a (not entirely complete) list of my compositions.
Some of them you can order from me as parts. If you have requests, mail me about it.

Solo flute:

Breath I
Breath II
Breath III

Flute Trio:

Sweet Water

Flute Septett:

Loops, Lilts and Lullabies

Jazz quartet (ts, tpt, cb, drs):

Red beat
African Sweat
Tenor Tune
Basso Ostinato
Lonely Womanizer
Last 1
Fuck you, beautiful snow!
Late Nite


Beauty is a shell
Der Fremde (Kaleko)
Morgenländisches Liebeslied (Kaleko)
Blatt im Wind (Kaleko)
Zeitgemässe Ansprache (Kaleko)
Alptraum (Kaleko)
Sozusagen grundlos vergnügt/Ich freu mich (Kaleko)
Ich und Du (Kaleko)
Sei's ganz (Kaleko)

Arrangements for solo flute:

Someday my prince will come (Churchill)
Lonely Woman (Coleman) alto flute
Sign 'o' the times (Prince) bass flute
Like someone in love ()flute
Blue Monk (T. Monk) flute
My favorite things () flute

Rosita for three flutes (flute, alto flute, bassflute)