Phonector, CD 100397

Tilmann Dehnhard - flute, alto- and bassflute
Andreas Schmidt - piano, toy fan

NEWS Dehnhard 4:39
IMHO Dehnhard 5:38
NO-WALTZ Schmidt 3:47
FLUG I Dehnhard/Schmidt 2:34
BONE COLD Dehnhard 6:12
FLUG II Dehnhard/Schmidt 1:31
MONTAG Dehnhard 5:05
J.A.C. Schmidt 5:29
FLUG III Dehnhard/Schmidt 1:30
DONNERSTAG Dehnhard 7:29
SONG 4 POOH Schmidt 4:41
FLUG IV Dehnhard/Schmidt 2:06
BROMBEER Dehnhard 5:27

Klangräume Musikproduktion, CD 30600

Tilmann Dehnhard - flute, alto-, bass- and contrabass flute
Kai Brückner - guitar, baritone guitar
Paul Kleber- double bass
Sebastian Merk - drums

angelica duke ellington 5:47
roundabout dehnhard 4:32
here comes the sun 5:33
we live there dehnhard 5:06
chelsea bridge/in a sent. mood strayhorn/ellington 5:11
my favorite things richard rogers 7:45
chitlins con carne kenny burell 3:50
schlafe mein prinzchen 5:30
like someone in love jimmy van heusen 3:59
besame mucho enrique granados 3:51
blue monk thelonious monk 4:00
fool on the hill lennon/mccartney 1:33
over the rainbow harold arlen 4:52
wake up! dehnhard 2:20

Traumton Records, CD 4466

Tilmann Dehnhard - tenor saxophone, flute
Sven Klammer - trumpet, flugelhorn

Kai Brückner - guitar
Oliver Potratz - double bass
Eric Schaefer - drums

Fleurs de Lis 3:28
Sudden Summer 5:33
Reality Check 5:05
Tenor Tune 3:04
Lonely Womanizer
Basso Ostinato 4:46
Deep Blue 4:41
Let's Go
Crocodile Smile
Koala Lounge
Rockin' Chair

all compositions by Tilmann Dehnhard except "Rockin' Chair" by Hoagy Carmichael









Tilmann Dehnhard
Klangräume Musikproduktion, CD 30460

Lonely Woman (Coleman) alto flute 2:17
Someday my prince will come (Churchill) flute 2:08
Traces (Dehnhard) overtone flute 2:57
Breath II (Dehnhard) flute 2:59
Breath III (Dehnhard) flute 2:04
Breath I (Dehnhard) flute 6:17
Altosolo (Dehnhard) alto flute 3:02
Deep C (Dehnhard) bass flute 3:12
Sign 'o' the times (Prince) bass flute 2:39

Sweet Water for three flutists (Dehnhard)

Moisture 5:32
Sweet Water 9:56
Ripples 5:00

Rosita (Haenschen/O'Keefe) 2:51

2nd flute, piccolo and alto flute: Bettina Junge
3rd flute, piccolo and bass flute: Stefan Weydert

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Songs for poems of Mascha Kaleko.

Recitation and vocals: Ruth Brauer
All compositions: Tilmann Dehnhard
Piano: Wolfgang Köhler
(handmade, gently toasted promotional CD)

Grundlos vergnügt (Dehnhard) 2:45

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Jazz Studies For Flute
ISMN M-008-07914-6
Universal Edition

from Universal's description:

Tilmann Dehnhard composed this collection of original pieces whilst working with classically trained flautists who wanted to play jazz. He addresses such questions as: How can I play melodies over chord progressions? What style of articulation should I use to make sure the music grooves? Each piece on the CD is presented in three versions: two full recordings at differing tempi for playing-along and a version providing the accompaniment only for playing-along with full confidence. Notes and explanations are provided on symbols commonly found in jazz notation, swing rhythm, off-beat articulation and other conventions often encountered in the playing of jazz.

Nice Shoes slow version
Blues for Luis slow version
What's Up fast version




Barbara Buchholz - moonstruck
Intuition, INT 3402 2

I have composed and produced three songs for this project involving Barbara Buchholz on theremin and mesmerizing trumpetist Arve Henriksen.

SixEight 4:00
Moss I 5:26
Moss II 3:32

Barbara Buchholz - russia with love
Intuition, INT 3382 2

I have composed and produced three songs for this project involving Barbara Buchholz on theremin, Paul Kleber on bass and Olga Heppner on viola.

Notchnoy Monolog 4:20
Klarnet Karla 4:26
Prospekt Mira 2:49

Vox Novus

I have composed and produced a piece for this project of 60 one-minute-compositions. Some great composers from all around the world participated in this. I am proud to be on the same album with my flute avantgarde hero Robert Dick.
My piece deals with the idea of a middle axis - the whole piece turns around in the middle and gets played backwards to the end. It includes a few violin noise samples by Uli Bartel, great jazz violinist and also my neighbour.

Rohrschach 1:00

Tilmann Dehnhard can also be heard on the following recordings:


Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra: "The Morlocks", FMP Productions, FMP CD 61

Improvisor's Pool, "Backgrounds for Improvisors", FMP Productions, FMP CD 75

Orchester Vielharmonie, "Bluelero", Vielharmonie Records, VH 40307

jazz indeed: "under water", traumton, CD 4427

jazz indeed: "who the moon is", traumton, CD 2415