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RESUMEE (short version)


Tilmann Dehnhard studied flute and saxophone at Hochschule der Künste Berlin.
Musical collaborations with Sam Rivers, Evan Parker, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Terumasa Hino and others.

Tilmann Dehnhard works as a freelance musician and composer. He lives in Berlin.


RESUMEE (long version)


1984 first classical flute instructions.

1988 Three awards in contest "Schüler komponieren", 1st prize for composition "Lock- und
Commissioned composition for "Landesmusikrat Berlin".
Attendance at statewide young composer´s meeting "Treffen junger Komponisten" in Weikersheim, Germany.

1989 Music for Anne Maar´s short film "Toqda".
Theatre music for "Medea West Theater" for the plays "Frank. Oder Tante Bärchen kauft sich einen Pelz" and
"Calderon. Leben ist Traum", directed by Armin Petras.
Music studies at "Hochschule der Künste Berlin", emphasis jazz.

1991 Foundation of jazz quintet "jazz indeed". Concerts in Berlin and Germany.

1992 Concerts and radio broadcast with "Improviser´s Pool" with Alexander von Schlippenbach.
Concerts and radio braodcast with "The Globe Band" and Jerry Granelli.

1993 Theatre music for "Mörderkind" at "Stadttheater Frankfurt Oder", directed by Armin Petras. Concerts with "Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra", CD production "The Morlocks", FMP Records. 1994 Teaching position at "Musikschule Tiergarten", Berlin.
Grant from "Senat von Berlin" for private studies with John Ruocco, Den Haag, Netherlands.
Grant from "Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten" for saxophone masterclass with David Liebman, Stroudsburgh, Pennsyvania.
"jazz indeed" wins studio contest of "Senat von Berlin".
Concerts and tour through asia with "Flötisten der HdK Berlin", premiere of compositions "Breath 1" and "Breath 2" for flute solo at "Pan Music Festival" in Seoul, Korea and "Musicarama ´94" in Hong Kong.
Flute workshop at "Hong Kong University".
Concert at "Donaueschingen Musikfestival" with "Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra".

1995 Diploma "summa cum laude" at "Hochschule der Künste Berlin".
Music for Bjoern Melhus´ short film "Weit weit weg".
Concert with Sam Rivers and "Improviser´s Pool", CD production "Backgrounds for Improvisers", FMP Records.
Concerts and CD production with "Orchester Vielharmonie". 2nd prize and grant from "F.J. Sellheim Gesellschaft".

1996 Release of "jazz indeed" CD "under water", Traumton Records.
Acting and life playing in ZDF serial "Alarmcode 112"

1997 4 months tour through germany with musical "Cabaret", "Konzertdirektion Landgraf".
Concert and radio broadcast with Steve Lacy and "Berlin Saxophonic Orchestra".

1998 Foundation of "Tilmann Dehnhard Quartet", concerts at "Bauhaus Archiv Berlin".
9 compositions commissioned by singer and actress Ruth Brauer, songs for poems of Mascha Kaleko, CD production "Mascha".
Commissioned composition and premiere of "Loops, Lilts and Lullabies" for seven flutes from "Flautando - Ensemble Berliner Flötisten".
Concert tour with "jazz indeed" through Syria and Lebanon, promoted by EEC and "Goethe Institute".
Release of "jazz indeed" CD "who the moon is", Traumton Records.

1999 Flute solo concert at "Alte Oper Frankfurt", flute workshop and premiere of "Ripples" for 16 flutes at "European Flute Festival" in Frankfurt, Germany.
Piccolo flute, tenor saxophone and clarinet with "Brass Band Berlin".
CD production and tour through spain with saxophone quartet "Licence to Blow".
Guest professorship at "Pontificia Universidad Javeriana" in Bogota, Colombia.

2000 Improvisation and flute technique workshop for „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Flöte" in Berlin.
Jazz improvisation workshop for "Corporación Medejazz" in Medellin, Colombia.
Release of flute solo CD "Breath", Klangräume.

2001 Workshops "Flöte und Improvisation" and "Die Flöte im Jazz" for "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Flöte e.V" and "Landesmusikakademie Berlin".
"ambiance bleu" für Flute, Noise and life electronics for "Lange Nacht der Museen" at top floor of "Treptowers", Berlin.
Teacher seminar "Flute/Improvisation/modern Techniques" at "Institut für Musikerziehung", Bozen, Italy.
"Jazz across the border" 3 Concerts with "Sigi Finkel's African Heart".
1. Prize "Karl-Hofer-Jazz Award" for the performance-exposee of "in the hands of time".
Music for "Gitternetz der Richtungen-Die Macht der Embleme", installation by Gabriela Salamanca, gallery "Kunstfaktor", Berlin.
Flute, Alto saxophone for "Einstein on the Beach" by Philip Glass, Staatsbank, Berlin.
Tenor saxophone with "Berlin Big Band" with Robbie Williams for "Wetten dass", Dresden.

2002 "in the hands of time", a performance for 12 musicians, video and soundscapes.
at "Martin-Gropius-Bau", Berlin. In collaboration with Gabriela Salamanca (Videos).

Release of "high spirits", Sony, flute and alto flute with "Nils Wülker Group".
Teaching position at
"Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Rostock".
CD production "Koala Lounge" with "Tilmann Dehnhard Quintett", "Traumton Records" .

2003 Principal flute at Musical "Cats", Berlin.
Stage music for "Christiane Müller", Tanzproduktion "two fish", Sophiensaele Berlin.
Concert with Cindy Lauper, Quasimodo, Berlin.

2004 Concert tour through West Bengal, India with Tanmoy Bose and "Taal Tantra".
Stage music for "Christiane Müller zieht um", Tanzproduktion "two fish", Sophiensaele Berlin.
CD production "russia with love", "Intuition" with Barbara Buchholz, theremin.

2005 Filmmusic for "Majella", shortfilm by Joachim Dollhopf and Evi Goldbrunner.
Filmmusic for "Dog", shortfilm by Daniel Lang (Berlinale program 2006).
Filmmusic for "Din E Intzaar", Bollywood-shortfilm by Markus Adrian (Arte).
Filmmusic for "Eine kleine,feine Geschmacksache", film documentary by Anke Jungfleisch.Filmmusic for "Stella", Kurzfilm von Anke Hentschel (Programm Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis in Saarbrücken/ Germany,
KUFIFE 2006 7.Kurzfilmfestival Stuttgart, 2nd price Audience Award)
Music for "Vor Sonnenaufgang", Nationaltheater Mannheim, Regie: Armin Petras

2006 Filmmusic for "Dresscode", film documentary by Caterina Klusemann (Arte).
Filmmusic for "at 6 o'clock" by Paul Andia (Talencampus Berlinale).
Music for"Text Flow", Videoinstallation von Joanna Hoffmann (35th Poetry Int. Festival Rotterdam)
Filmmusic for "Miss Bildung", short film by Axel Ranisch
Filmmusic for "California Dreams", short film by David Wnendt
Workshop Saxophon/Jazztheory/Ensembleat"Pontificia Universidad Javeriana" in Bogota, Colombia
Official Endorsement for Altus Flutes

In progress :
CD Tilmann Dehnhard Quartet (T.D.- flute, alto flute, contrabass flute, Kai Brückner - guitar, Paul Kleber - bass, Sebastian Merck - drums).

Filmmusic for
""Sans Papier", shortfilm by Silvia Berchtold.
Filmmusic for "No Way In, No Way Out", animation movie by Olivia Milz.


Beginning of 1998 Tilmann Dehnhard formed his new quintet for a series of concerts at Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin.
Within the sparse set up of tenor saxophpne, trumpet, contrabass and drums, Dehnhard's compositions create a seldom heard music that moves on in waves, expressing virility and coolness in a silent way.
Since 2002 the quartet has changed to a quintet: Guitarist Kai Brückner is now a member of the ensemble.

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